Beef cattle from South Africa for export

Welcome. Hooggekraal Farms is currently the longest standing livestock exporters in Africa and a third generation of quality dairy cows, beef cattle sheep and Boer goats as well as Persian and Kalashari Goats.

Beef Cattle

exportcows2Beef Cattle differ from dairy cows in that they are bred specifically for meat production. The meat of adult cattle is known as beef. While the principal use of beef cattle is meat production, other uses include leather, and products used in shampoo and cosmetics.

Besides breeding to meet the demand for beef production, owners also use selective breeding to attain specific traits in their beef cattle. An example of a desired trait could be leaner meat or resistance to illness.

Most beef cattle are mated naturally, whereby a bull is released into a cowherd approximately six weeks after calving period. However, beef cattle can also be bred through artificial insemination.

Cattle handlers are expected to maintain a low stress environment for their herds, involving constant safety, health, comfort, nourishment and humane handling. Beef cattle should have access to shelter from extreme weather, safe handling and equipment, veterinary care and humane slaughter. If an animal is infected or suspected to have an illness, its owners are to report it immediately to a practicing veterinarian for either treatment or euthanasia. Due to the density of herd populations, illnesses can spread very quickly between cattle

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